About the Author

Born and raised in Kent, England, Kathryn Recourt travelled extensively around the world and has lived on 3 continents. She emigrated to Canada in 1995 and now lives in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario with her husband Don and their large, drooly dog Archie. One of her greatest pleasures is reading and writing. She is never without a book close by, and enjoys reading many varied genres. At this time, Kathryn has published 3 children’s books, but hopes to find a publisher or agent who would represent her, so she can get many more stories out into the world. 

When asked by her grandchildren why Archie drooled so much, Kathryn wanted to put all his drool to literary use!  She has really enjoyed bringing Archie and his drool to 100’s of children with these stories of modern day life and situations. The stories highlight problem-solving, friendship, caring and inclusion. Typically Archie’s drool will save the day.

During covid home schooling in 2021, Kathryn read the first 2 books virtually to 25 classes in schools across Ontario, from JK to Grade 3/4 mix. The student’s comments, questions and insights were remarkable and awe inspiring. Since the return to learning in school, Kathryn has presented all 3 books in class to many more students. She enjoys the interaction and has great fun with them all. As a guest Author Kathryn has presented at school and library book fairs and events, around Ontario. 

Encouraging children and adults to read is her mission in life. Reading and writing are life skills that are not only necessary, but can bring great pleasure. There is nothing to compare to a good story, except to write it.  If Kathryn can encourage children to read more, read well and to continue that skill throughout their life, then she believes she will have lived her life well.

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