About the Books

Puppy Dog Blues is the third book in the Sir Archibald Droolsalot series.

Why are Bricky’s humans bringing home a puppy?

Don’t they want their loveable Bricky anymore?

Can Archie and his drool help his friend—and keep a puppy out of trouble?

Big Dog Drools is the second book in the Sir Archibald Droolsalot Series.

Can cats and dogs be friends? Is it possible for them to help each other?

As Archie and his friends help Muffin and her kittens, they all learn that you don’t have to be the same to be friends, and that drool can do a lot of different things!

Big Dog Blues is the first story in a series about Sir Archibald Droolsalot – Archie to his friends – Archie really does drool a Lot!

In this first book is Archie’s best friend, Bricky the bulldog, being bullied by the Doberman brothers?

Can Archie protect his friend and help the brothers understand that being friends is a much better way?