Corey Anne Abreau

Big Dog Blues Review

By Award-Winning Author
Corey Anne Abreau

Big Dog Blues is an excellent story about a dog named Archie and his friend Bricky. The two were close and were friends with everyone in the neighbourhood except for these two bully brother dogs. They didn’t like that Bricky was a small dog, and they would not be his friend. But luckily, Archie stood up for his friend and tried to help the situation and say that they are all dogs and should all stick together. Wait till you see what happens in the end.

This book is a feel-good book; I highly recommend reading this story with your little ones — it is the first story in the series, Sir Archibald Droolsalot. Children will love the characters, the colorful illustrations, and the storyline.

I liked this book because it teaches us to be kind to others and stand up to bullies. You don’t have to run away from them or hide, especially if you have a great friend like Archie around.